Officially out now: The TypeDB 3.0 Roadmap

Lesson 12: Advanced modeling

In this lesson, we’ll learn how to use the PERA model to design TypeDB schemas that eliminate mismatch with application models. We’ll begin by reviewing the fundamentals of the entity-centric framework of the PERA model, and how PERA types can be mapped onto to OOP types using the type-theoretic framework. We’ll then have a close look at using relations in this framework, and learn about the reification and de-reification processes. Finally, we’ll see how we can implement design by contract as a schema design strategy using interface contracts.

The application classes featured in this lesson are written in Python.

  • You should complete Lesson 9 before starting this lesson.

Lesson contents

Learn about the type-theoretic framework of the PERA model.

Learn how to represent application classes with relations.

Learn how to safely substitute binary relations for roles.

Learn how to apply design-by-contract to data models.

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