Account registration

During alpha testing, access to the TypeDB Cloud is restricted by an invite-only policy.

To send a request to join the alpha test of TypeDB Cloud, use the following form.

Log In

Head to the main page of TypeDB Cloud and use the credentials provided by Vaticle to log in.

Log out

On any page of the TypeDB Cloud web portal, click on the gear (⚙) icon in the top right corner and click on the Log out option in the drop-down menu.

Account settings

To open setting for current account on any page of the TypeDB Cloud web portal, click on the gear (⚙) icon in the top right corner and click on the Settings option.

The page includes User Details and Organizations blocks.

Show/Edit user details

Open the Account settings page.

User details
  • User ID — the username of the user.

  • Email — the email address to send notifications and password reset requests to the user.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

To edit the user details in the User Details section of the page, click the Edit button. Apply changes and click the Submit button.

Change password

To change the password of an account make sure to log out of the TypeDB to get to the Log in page. Use the Forget password link there and follow the instructions on the screen.

Join an organization, team, or project


An organization combines all users and resources (deployments) of your company, as well as Projects (to group resources) and Teams (to group users).

By default, all users are created as the only member of their personal organization, named after their User ID.

The only way to join an existing organization is to be invited by one of its members.

For information on how to invite a user to join an organization, see the Invite a user section.


Teams are used to provide access to Projects for a group of users.

To invite a user to join a team, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the Organization that both the user and the team are members of.

  2. Open the Teams page from the navigation menu on the left.

  3. Select the team to invite the user to from the list and click on it.

  4. Click the Add user to team button.

  5. Enter the User ID of the user to invite and click the Submit button.


Projects are used to group resources (deployments) to simplify access configuration by assigning access to a project rather than every deployment.

Users are added to projects via teams.

See the Team section above.