TypeDB Cloud is a DBaaS (Database as a service) specific for the TypeDB DBMS. Specifically TypeDB Enterprise clusters.

For more information on the difference between TypeDB editions, see the Deploy page.

TypeDB Cloud service is in an alpha testing stage.

We do not recommend storing sensitive or important information in any deployments of TypeDB Cloud before it is released for general availability.

This service is provided for testing purposes only. Please, provide any feedback on an appropriate channel in our community.

During the alpha test stage, user registration is limited to invite-only participants.

To request an invitation, use the following link: Join TypeDB Cloud Waitlist.

TypeDB Cloud manages infrastructure and TypeDB Enterprise clusters to provide a user-friendly web interface for controlling and using deployments with minimum effort.

Fully automated cluster deployment and management lets us create, suspend, resume, and destroy a TypeDB Enterprise cluster with a click of a button.

Automatic failover and replication ensure the data is safe and accessible.

End-to-end encryption ensures the security of operations.

Grouping of users in teams and organizations, as well as resources in projects provide scalability of processes and billing details.