New ACM paper, free-tier cloud, and open-source license


TypeDB & TypeQL are in the process of being rewritten in Rust. There will be significant refinement to the language, and minor breaks in backwards compatibility. Learn about the changes on our roadmap issue on GitHub. The biggest change to TypeDB 3.0 will be our storage data structure and architecture that significantly boosts performance. We’re aiming to release 3.0 in the summer this year, along with preliminary benchmarks of TypeDB.

Deploy TypeDB

TypeDB is available in two editions: Cloud and Core.

Create a new production-ready deployment of TypeDB Cloud with advanced security and high-availability features.

Install a 100% open source version of TypeDB with everything developers need to start building on TypeDB.

TypeDB clients

There are three types of clients available for TypeDB: Studio, Console, and language-specific drivers.

Install an IDE that facilitates the development process for TypeDB databases.

Install a powerful CLI tool with interactive(REPL) and non-interactive (script) modes.



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