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Server arguments

In this guide, you’ll see how to use command line argument to configure TypeDB server.

Argument structure

Command line arguments can be used with the command that starts a TypeDB server (typedb server) and they have a higher priority over config file. Any option in the TypeDB configuration file can be provided/overridden by using a command line argument.

Overriding config values

For example, the configuration file sets the server address as the following:


If we want to use port 1730 instead of 1729, we can either update the configuration file or override it from the command line using the following command:

typedb server --server.address

Setting new config values

We can use the same approach to set a completely new section of the configuration that isn’t presented in the file yet. For example, to define a new logger subsection to print out all query plans, we could do the following to set the package com.vaticle.typedb.core.traversal to output on a more verbose level:

typedb server  \
  --server.address  \
  --log.logger.traversal.filter com.vaticle.typedb.core.traversal  \
  --log.logger.traversal.level debug \
  --log.logger.traversal.output "[ file, stdout ]"

Use command line arguments with the command typedb server to configure the server upon its launch. The command line arguments will override any relevant settings from the config file.

All arguments must:

  • start with the double dash prefix --,

  • be separated from their value (if any) by:

    • an equals sign (=),

    • or a whitespace.

Some arguments are exclusive to the command line interface:

  • --help: print out the help menu and exit.

  • --version: print out the version of the server and exit.

  • --config /path/to/external/typedb-config.yml: use the specified configuration file.

Additional arguments are derived from the configuration .yaml file. Any value from the config file can be overridden by a command line argument.

Getting help

For all available commands via the command line use the --help argument to get a reference:

typedb server --help

This will list out how to use specific command line arguments as well as options derived from the configuration file.

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