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TypeDB Manual

Welcome to the TypeDB Manual. Here you’ll find practice oriented guides on TypeDB operations and configuration, as well as Studio and Console manuals.

Standalone clients

Standalone clients can be used to conveniently work and develop with TypeDB without depending on additional software to be installed.

An IDE that facilitates the development process for TypeDB databases.

A powerful CLI client for TypeDB.

Using TypeDB

Learn how to perform common tasks with TypeDB.

Connect to a TypeDB server and create a new database.

Set and modify the schema of a database with a TypeQL query or driver API call.

Insert, delete, or update (replace) data in a TypeDB database with TypeQL queries.

Retrieve data as JSONs or stateful objects with TypeQL queries.

Using drivers

TypeDB Drivers can be used to query TypeDB directly from within your application. For the TypeDB drivers documentation, see the Drivers category.

Use stateful objects to alter data and schema, as well as explain inferred data.

Best practices for bulk-loading data, during prototyping or migrations.

Configuring TypeDB

Learn how to configure, migrate, and upgrade TypeDB.

TypeDB configuration via config file parameters.

TypeDB configuration via CLI arguments.

Logs configuration and storage.

Exporting and importing databases in TypeDB.

Upgrading TypeDB version.

User management operations.

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