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Built-in functions

Unlike arithmetic operations, built-in functions use values provided as input arguments to return the resulted value. The value taken as arguments can be provided in the form of concept variables, value variable, or literal values.

Min / Max functions

Use the max() function to find the maximum value out of all provided input arguments, or the min() to find the minimum.

?maximum = max(100, $x, ?a);

Ceil / Floor

Use the ceil() function to round up the input value, or the floor() to round down.

?int = floor(100.7);

Round function

Use the round() function to round the input value up to a closest integer (half-way up).

?int = round(100.7);

Abs function

Use the abs() function to produce an absolute value of the input value.

?x = abs($s - 1000);

The above example bound the ?x value variable to the absolute value of subtraction of 1000 from the value of $s.

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