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Welcome to the TypeDB, TypeQL and TypeDB Clients technical documentation.

TypeDB & TypeQL are in the process of being ported over and rewritten in Rust. There will be changes that won’t be backwards compatible, as we refine the language further to extend its expressivity, as well as changes to the byte storage data structure to further boost performance significantly. We’re aiming to complete this by February/March 2024, released as TypeDB 3.0, along with preliminary benchmarks of TypeDB.

Setup and run TypeDB environment and tools.

Create a sample database to run some queries.

Try the features of TypeDB with these top queries.


An end-to-end learning experience for TypeDB and TypeQL. Through the lens of a sample bookstore database, you’ll learn how to build a database schema, manage data, and interpret query results.

A high-level overview of the TypeDB learning course.

Introduction to TypeDB and TypeQL capabilities and main principles.

Setup an environment to run queries with TypeDB.

Try TypeDB with some read data queries and learn by doing so.

Learn how to write data to a TypeDB database.

See how to define a schema for a database.


TypeDB Manual consists of practice-oriented guides for configuring environment and developing with TypeDB.

TypeDB Studio manual: prepare for work, query, control transactions, use Type Editor, Type Browser, and Graph Visualization.

TypeDB Console manual: how to connect to TypeDB, use interactive and non-interactive modes, and scripting.

Connecting to TypeDB Core and Cloud with Studio, Console, and drivers: network connection, database management, opening sessions and transaction.

Defining a database schema with Define and Define queries, as well as modifying schema using driver APIs and Studio.

Writing data to a TypeDB database with Insert, Delete, and Update queries.

Reading data from a TypeDB database with Get and Fetch queries. Using rule-based inference.

Use driver API and its classes to manipulate stateful objects of database’s types, rules, and data.

TypeDB server configuration and maintaining: config file, CLI arguments, logs, DB export and import, upgrading versions, user management.

TypeDB drivers

Client-side libraries with native API to connect to TypeDB.
See the TypeDB Drivers overview page or select an environment below:


Add via cargo to use the Rust driver API.

Install via pip to use the Python driver API.


Add to a Maven project to use the Java driver API.

Install via NPM to use the Node.js driver API.


Import as a library with a header file.


Coming soon.


TypeQL is a modern, beautiful and elegant type-theoretic query language, supporting polymorphic queries.

A high-level description of TypeQL.

TypeQL as a Data definition language to define a database schema.

Data queries to read and modify data in a TypeDB database.

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