TypeDB Fundamentals Lecture Series: from Nov 16 to Jan 9

TypeDB overview

Welcome to the TypeDB technical documentation.

Check the layout of the TypeDB documentation below.

Basics of TypeDB

  • Type system — essential information on types and inheritance

  • Queries — essential information on queries

  • Patterns — essential information on pattern matching

  • Inference — essential information on rules and reasoning (inference)

Connecting to TypeDB

Developing with TypeDB

Managing TypeDB

  • Configuration — TypeDB server configuration parameters and host machine requirements

  • Export and import — exporting and importing database schema and data

  • Upgrading — how to migrate to a newer version of TypeDB

  • High availability — description of TypeDB high availability features

  • Security features — description of TypeDB security features


  • IAM schema explanation — a brief description of IAM schema that is widely used throughout the documentation

  • Sample application — a simple example of how to use TypeDB with Java, Python, and Node.js

  • Data migration — how to load a dataset from an intermediate input format into a TypeDB database

Where to go from here?

Install TypeDB and use Quickstart to try it yourself.

Check the TypeDB in 25 queries page for more interesting queries.

To learn more about TypeDB, check the major sections of the documentation:

Check our documentation for TypeQL and TypeDB Clients.

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