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New Foundations for Building with TypeDB

Our TypeQL paper was accepted at ACM SIGMOD/PODS'24, TypeDB Cloud now provides free-tier deployments, we built a new TypeDB Learning Course hand-in-hand with our new documentation, and more!

Haikal Pribadi

50 years ago, Codd’s formulation of relational algebra was a breakthrough moment for database theory, providing a set of simple, general, and performant data operations. Since then, the mathematical landscape of programming languages has changed dramatically, replacing low-level algebraic operations with high-level type-theoretic constructs. In our very first TypeQL paper, we present the foundational synthesis of modern type-theoretic programming principles and database languages, based on which we craft our query language. The paper explores the intimate connection between declarative querying and formal type-theoretic constructs, showing that the type-theoretic paradigm uniformly generalizes previously existing database paradigms.

TypeQL paper is accepted for publication at ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2024

We are proud and honored to announce that our TypeQL paper, TypeQL: A Type-Theoretic & Polymorphic Query Language, has been officially accepted for publication at ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2024! We look forward to seeing you in Chile this June if you’ll be attending the conference.

TypeDB Cloud is now available on GCP, AWS, and Azure, with free-tier deployments

We’ve released a ton of new features today on TypeDB Cloud that we hope you’re excited for! You can now deploy on Microsoft Azure — in addition to GCP and AWS. You have more machine size options, lower prices for all deployments, and you can apply for credits and discounts to create your deployments. Last but very much not least, you can now create free-tier deployments on all cloud providers!

As part of this first major release since the launch of TypeDB Cloud at the end of last year, we’ve significantly streamlined our systems and infrastructure, so you can expect many more features to be released rapidly from this point onwards. We’ll be adding more regions around the world at the end of every week based on demand. We would also love to hear your feedback on what you like, or would like to see, in TypeDB Cloud, so we can prioritize the right features and regions to deliver for you. You can write to us anytime at

New TypeDB Learning Course

All aspects of the design of TypeDB and its query language TypeQL are inspired by how we naturally interact with data and language. Regardless of how simple and natural TypeDB and TypeQL is designed to be, we want to empower you to master TypeDB and TypeQL as fast as possible. In our newly written TypeDB Learning Course, users will be guided through all practical aspects of working with TypeDB, enabling them to use TypeDB as a powerful database backend for any kind of application. The course is designed for users of all proficiency levels, starting with introductory lessons aimed at TypeDB newcomers, to providing the advanced knowledge needed to build complex applications on TypeDB.

New TypeDB Documentation

As we all know, the product is docs. So we’re taking writing documentation seriously. As part of our second iteration of the TypeDB Docs, we have fully restructured, rewritten, and improved the content of our documentation. Our Docs now contains a TypeDB Manual section dedicated to the most common tasks for developing with TypeDB, as well as improved TypeDB Driver documentation, which now contains a set of language-specific Tutorials for each programming language supported by TypeDB: Rust, Java, Python, Node.js, C/C++, and we’ll keep on adding more.

Our TypeQL documentation has been revamped to contain an in-depth hierarchical presentation of the language. This gives a full picture of the different layers of the language, ranging from queries to patterns to statements to concepts and values and more, which will be helpful to developers at any stage of their journey with TypeDB. Of course, improvements are never final and we are excited to hear about your feedback — you can let us know about your thoughts (and any typos you spot) directly on our Docs.

New TypeDB Driver for C#

In the next release of TypeDB 2.28 (in a few days time!), we will finally be releasing the long-awaited TypeDB Driver for C#. We know how big the C# developer community is and we are incredibly excited to be inviting all of you to build C# and .NET applications with TypeDB.

Finally, new Open-Source License: Mozilla Public License 2.0

Last, but absolutely not the least by any measure, we’ve taken a significant step in adopting a new open-source license for TypeDB and TypeQL: the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

From the start of our journey, open-source has always been at the heart of what we do. Our work and innovation is empowered by the collaboration in our community. Faced with the contention that exists with the AGPL license in many organizations, we’ve decided to remove this friction in our open-source community by migrating TypeDB Core and TypeQL to a less restrictive, more liberal, and hopefully more empowering, open-source license. Unlike AGPL, MPL is a non-viral license, in that you only have to publish the modifications to source code covered by MPL when you publish an executable containing the modified code, and not the entire stack. You can embed an MPL library in any way provided you don’t modify the source code. To further understand the implications of MPL, Mozilla provides an excellent FAQ page to answer all your questions.

This new MPL license will be applied to all TypeDB Core and TypeQL releases from the upcoming version 2.28, and onwards. And note that the all TypeDB Drivers have always been and will continue to be under the fully-permissive open-source license: Apache 2.0.

That’s all of our updates for now! We hope you’re excited with all the new releases and updates, and we hope you enjoy building with TypeDB.

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