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TypeDB Cloud

TypeDB Cloud is the scalable, fully-managed version of TypeDB, that you can choose to deploy with any cloud provider, and manage access across your teams and organization. Get started building with TypeDB instantly and never worry about infrastructure.

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Global deployment with any cloud provider

Deploy TypeDB databases in the cloud and region of your choice, whether it’s AWS, Azure or GCP, North America or Europe – or all of the above. A single pane of glass provides you with complete visibility and insight into all of your databases, regardless of where they’re running.

Through the TypeDB Cloud deployments view, you can create new TypeDB databases with ease - choosing the provider and region, as well as configuring the resources allocated to the machines to suit your needs. These databases can be easily managed through this view, allowing you to suspend, resume, and destroy them all with the click of a button.

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Scalability on demand with native clustering

Launch single instances of TypeDB on demand for iterative development and instant prototyping, or production-grade clusters spanning multiple instances for greater scalability. TypeDB clients are topology aware, so read/write scaling is completely transparent to applications and developers.

TypeDB Cloud databases can be created with a variable number of servers available to them, allowing you the freedom to choose as you need. Larger server counts will provide production-ready scalability and reliability, allowing your application to remain functioning even in the event of unexpected failures, and balance the load of incoming requests amongst all the available servers - all automatically handled for you.

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Secure by default with end-to-end encryption

Run TypeDB databases in the cloud with peace of mind knowing all access requires authentication and all data is fully encrypted – from storage to client requests to replication. Further, user-defined policies can be used to ensure password strength and rotation.

End-to-end encryption provided through TLS and CurveZMQ gives you confidence in the security of your data in TypeDB Cloud. All traffic around your database is encrypted, preventing anyone from observing it to scrape your data, and password-protection prevents anyone except you from accessing your database, with powerful support for setting password strength and rotation policies allowing you to prevent this security from being compromised.

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Always available with automatic failover and recovery

Rely on TypeDB Cloud to ensure production databases are available 24x7. If a database instance were to become unavailable or unreachable, an automatic failover would be performed – and it’s completely transparent to developers as clients will be updated with the new topology.

TypeDB Cloud database instances will attempt automatic recovery in the event of failure, with machines being automatically rebooted in the event of failure and slotting right back into the database topology without any loss of data. In deployments with multiple machines, the other machines will continue serving the database, allowing functionality to be preserved while the failed machine is being brought back online - so the users of your application never even have to know it went offline to begin with.

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Organizational governance with teams and projects

Manage TypeDB databases created by different business units, teams and projects with ease. Every database belongs to a project, which is owned by a team – and each user is assigned permissions that can vary depending on the team and project.

Through the use of TypeDB Cloud's Team and Project functionality, organising large teams can be made simple. Deployments and users can both be logically collected into projects and teams, allowing you to easily separate different business units, engineering teams, and deployments that serve different products. You can ensure different teams can't access each other's deployments, while keeping them all grouped under one organisation for easier billing and overall management.

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