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Learning center for TypeDB & TypeQL

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Introduction to TypeDB

Learn what makes TypeDB unique, and why it was developed. Includes introductory material for those looking to understand the features and advantages that TypeDB brings to database engineering.

Explore fundamentals

Setting up

Deploy a TypeDB server and install a TypeDB client. Includes easy setup guides for those looking to get started with TypeDB, for learning, development, or production.

Learning TypeDB and TypeQL

Begin developing with TypeDB and writing queries in TypeQL, the polymorphic query language of TypeDB. Includes in-depth practical tutorials, for those looking to learn the basics of the technology and develop their skills.

Building your first application

Start using TypeDB's native language drivers for application development. Includes guided tutorials for those who are comfortable with the basics of TypeDB and are looking to build an application.

The theory behind TypeDB

Read about the foundations of TypeDB and TypeQL, and the philosophy that has gone into their design. Includes technical articles for those looking to explore the core ideas behind TypeDB's design, and understand the underlying type-theoretic principles.

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Get started today

Deploy locally or in the cloud and start building now, or explore more about TypeDB and how its unique capabilities as a polymorphic database can refine and empower your applications.

Start building with TypeDB

Cloud or container, a polymorphic database with a conceptual data model, a strong subtyping system, a symbolic reasoning engine, and a type-theoretic language is minutes away.