Officially out now: The TypeDB 3.0 Roadmap

Deployment options for TypeDB

You can deploy TypeDB Cloud instantly to start building today, or you can start building with the open-source TypeDB Core. If you want to deploy TypeDB Cloud in your own enterprise environment, get in touch.

TypeDB Core

TypeDB Core is 100% open source, provides developers with everything they need to start building on TypeDB and is available via Brew, APT, and Docker container for distributions on macOS, Linux and Windows.

Build with open-source

TypeDB Cloud

TypeDB Cloud is the scalable, fully-managed version of TypeDB, that you can choose to deploy with any cloud provider - GCP, AWS or Azure - and manage access across your teams and organization.

Deploy TypeDB instantly

TypeDB Cloud Self-hosted

TypeDB Cloud Self-hosted allows you to deploy TypeDB Cloud in your own environment, and leverage TypeDB with advanced security and high availability features for running in production.

TypeDB Cloud for your enterprise

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Find the right deployment

TypeDB Core is 100% open source, as are TypeDB clients, and is great for local development. TypeDB Cloud adds the full capabilities required for production along with self-service deployment to AWS, Azure and GCP.

FunctionalitiesTypeDB CoreTypeDB Cloud
Schema validation
Reasoning engine
Driver license
TypeDB Console
TypeDB Studio
Authentication and roles
Active-active clustering
Automatic failover
Automated deployment
Automatic recovery
Get Started

Start building with TypeDB

After setting up and running your TypeDB server deployment, follow these steps to learn the basics and start building your first application.

Get started today

Cloud or containers, a database with strong typing, logical abstractions and declarative expressions is minutes away.

Explore the Learning Center

Learn more about TypeDB, from the type theory that backs the data model to best practices for schema design. Read articles, watch recorded lectures, and follow in-depth tutorials.

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