Cyber Threat Intelligence

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Cybercrime is expected to cost organizations worldwide over $10 trillion annually by 2025, up from $3 trillion in 2015. That represents an annual growth of 15% – one of the greatest transfers of economic wealth ever. There is a huge need for innovative technologies to address the state of the industry. Cybersecurity data is inherently connected. To obtain a comprehensive picture to determine the severity of a particular threat, information from many different sources needs to be integrated. It's therefore essential that tools exist to make this integration, as well as the analysis of the data, more effective and efficient.

Given the heterogeneous and complex nature of cybersecurity data, TypeDB is a perfect fit. TypeDB's expressive schema language, which allows for concepts such as type hierarchies and hyper relations, gives you a level of expressivity which can model the most complex cybersecurity data as accurately as possible. And through that semantic richness, TypeDB makes it easy to discover new insights, improving prevention of cyberattacks and helping to secure your enterprise.

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