Building an IAM Platform with TypeDB

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The current business needs of Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms have grown in both scope and complexity as a result of the sudden shift to hybrid and remote work, the emergence of machine identities, the drive for just-in-time-access, the adoption of cloud infrastructure.

This white paper explains how to define and query an extensible data model for managing permissions with a IAM platform built on TypeDB. The core requirements for the data model are based on RSA's Identity Governance and Administration Platform, as well as standards defined by governing bodies such as NIST.

Specifically, this white paper will detail how to:

  • Design a logical data model based on entities, relations and attributes.

  • Extend the data model to support organization- and application-specific requirements.

  • Write TypeQL queries to manage permissions and access via pattern matching.

  • Infer data with automatic, rule-based reasoning.

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