Building a CTI Platform on TypeDB

  • Webinar
  • Date/Time:On-Demand
  • Duration: 1 hour

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When it comes to detecting and assessing threats to your cybersecurity, flexibility matters. Enterprising bad actors are constantly innovating their methods and vectors of attack and the best cyber threat intelligence (CTI) solutions are the ones that can adapt in turn.

Unlike SQL's rigid structure, TypeDB's flexible entity-relationship model allows for a more accurate representation of complex relationships in the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. TypeDB's inference engine can infer implicit connections and uncover hidden patterns allowing cyber threat intelligence professionals to discover new insights and more easily assess overall risk in the event of either a hypothetical or actual intrusion.

During this talk, Vaticle Research Engineer Sullivan Daly will describe how to build such a solution with TypeDB. We cover how to import STIX data, leverage modeling constructs such as type hierarchies, nested relations, hyper relations, unique attributes, and logical inference to create the most accurate representation of CTI data. The result - a more comprehensive, adaptable, and valuable CTI platform to better identify, assess, and risk manage planned and actual cyber threats.

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