Building an IAM Platform on TypeDB

  • Webinar
  • Date/Time:On-Demand
  • Duration: 1 hour

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Modeling polymorphic subjects, objects, and actions in an Identity and Access Management (IAM) system is difficult using a relational database, and impossible without sacrificing certain constraints. The physical data model ends up looking very different than the logical data model, which makes it difficult to build and maintain.

In this webinar, we'll explore a better way to build an IAM solution with TypeDB. We'll see how features such as polymorphism, dependent types and rule-inference allow us to write powerful queries in near-natural language, automate permission inheritance by abstracting the logic out of our queries, and enforce airtight compliance with business policies by taking advantage of rule resolution at query time.

Join this webinar, and learn more about:

  • Building a flexible schema for IAM federation

  • Automating permission inheritance

  • Enforcing business policies at the schema level

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