Introducing TypeDB: moving beyond SQL & NoSQL to strongly-typed databases

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  • Duration: 1 hour

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When we look at modern programming languages, they have all evolved by introducing powerful abstractions and constructs to express more complex logic – JavaScript is succeeded by TypeScript, Python by Julia, Java by Kotlin, C/C++ by Rust, and Haskell emerging as the leader of functional languages. Modern languages all have a stronger and more expressive type system.

We believe strong typing must extend to databases. TypeDB looks beyond relational and NoSQL databases by introducing a strong type system and extending it with inference and pattern matching for simple, yet powerful querying. As TypeDB brings the benefits of strong typing to databases, it resolves the mismatch between logical and physical data models in database applications, and allows you to build more powerful database architecture from the ground up.

In this webinar, we'll show you how TypeDB brings the benefits of strong typing in modern programming languages to the database. We'll show how TypeDB allows developers to use abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism when modeling and querying data – and finally removing the mismatch between logical and physical data models. We'll then discuss how TypeQL is a fully declarative query language based on pattern matching. And finally, we'll show you how TypeDB's built-in reasoning engine, a technology previously found only in knowledge-based systems, enables you to infer data on the fly by applying logical rules to existing data, allowing developers to query highly interconnected data without having to specify where or how to make the connections.

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