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A New Era for TypeDB

For the first time, TypeDB brings to the database the power of a strong type system, the simplicity of a composable language, and the intelligence of symbolic reasoning to infer data.

Haikal Pribadi

When we started building TypeDB, we saw a continuously growing complexity of data in modern applications. Modern programming languages have evolved by introducing powerful abstractions and constructs to express more complex logic — JavaScript is succeeded by TypeScript, Python by Julia, Java by Kotlin, C/C++ by Rust, and Haskell emerging as the leader of functional languages. Modern languages all have a stronger and more expressive type system.

However, when we look at the evolution of database technologies since relational algebra and SQL, even though there has been incredible progress in performance and operational capabilities in the past 40 years, databases have yet to provide more powerful abstractions to express more advanced logic. In fact, graph, document, key-value, wide-column, and every other NoSQL database provide lower-level and more primitive data structures for us to express our models and queries. This is a huge problem for future applications, as they will need to work with more complex datasets and interrogate their data more intelligently.

We built TypeDB & TypeQL to provide much more powerful abstractions in the database language, allowing you to tackle the next order of complexity in future applications. For the first time, TypeDB brings to the database the power of a strong type system, the simplicity of a composable language, and the intelligence of symbolic reasoning to infer data.

This year, we’re launching to help you understand our paradigm and unique features, and to deliver a brand new and enhanced documentation portal. We are also incredibly excited to invite you to the very first webinar series on TypeDB Fundamentals, happening in just 3 weeks!

  1. July 25th, 12pm ET: Introducing TypeDB
  2. July 26th, 12pm ET: Pattern Matching with TypeQL
  3. July 27th, 12pm ET: The Power of Inference

We see the problem of data complexity in many modern applications, especially those serving intelligent operations.

In Cybersecurity, Cyber Threat Intelligence and Identity Access Management solutions struggle to keep up with rapid evolution of data and the amount of hidden patterns. In Platform Engineering, Internal Developer Platforms and Continuous Delivery systems struggle with the unknown consequences of change and fragmentation of data. In Knowledge Engineering, Drug Discovery and Risk Management solutions find that their biggest hurdle is connecting independent datasets in a way that makes it easy to derive hidden and implicit connections. Virtual Representations, such as those found in Robotics, Digital Twins, and Gaming, struggle with modeling real-world details in a virtual environment.

This year, we’ll be sharing with you the research we’ve done on applications of TypeDB in these advanced domains, starting with our first webinar series on our new TypeDB Use Cases, happening 4 weeks from now!

  1. August 1st, 12pm ET: Building an IAM Platform on TypeDB
  2. August 2nd, 12pm ET: Building a CTI Platform on TypeDB
  3. August 3rd, 12pm ET: Accelerating Drug Discovery with TypeDB

At last, TypeDB Cloud Alpha is here!

After a whole year of engineering, we are finally ready to invite you to try out TypeDB Cloud! You can now automatically deploy TypeDB in the US and Europe, on Google Cloud and Amazon AWS. More regions across the globe will be coming soon, as well as the option for Microsoft Azure. At this alpha stage of TypeDB Cloud, we’d love to hear your feedback on how TypeDB Cloud meets your expectations, and you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to our development roadmap! Join the TypeDB Cloud waitlist!

Finally, TypeDB 2.18 & 2.19 are released with major updates!

We’ve had 2 major releases in the past month: 2.18 and 2.19. We introduced new functionalities to perform arithmetic operations in TypeQL. We’ve significantly improved import/export of schema & data together. We dramatically improved the performance of our reasoner by reusing more of its computational results. We replaced our storage engine from RocksDB to SpeeDB — boosting performance. And finally, we now natively support ARM processors for both Mac and Linux, which means you can run TypeDB on Apple silicon chips as well as Raspberry Pis!

There are a lot more major updates coming in the next few months: a new and highly-performant TypeDB Rust driver — and every other driver wrapping the Rust driver binary, new TypeQL capabilities to fetch all attributes of entities and relations as part of answers, optional query patterns in TypeQL, native JSON response format, and many more! For now, we hope you enjoy the new TypeDB 2.19! Deploy your new TypeDB!

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