Officially out now: The TypeDB 3.0 Roadmap

Lesson 2.1: Sample deployment

Deploy sample database

Throughout this course, we will be using a sample database for an online bookstore. Follow these instructions to deploy a TypeDB Core server preloaded with the sample database.

  1. Install and run Docker.

  2. Pull the Docker image for the sample database:

    docker image pull vaticle/typedb-sample-data:1.0.0
  3. Start the Docker image:

    docker run -p 1730:1729 vaticle/typedb-sample-data:1.0.0

The server can be connected to using port 1730.

The default port used by TypeDB servers is 1729. We use 1730 for this course so as not to conflict with any other local deployments.

Install TypeDB Studio

To connect to a TypeDB server and run queries, we need to use a TypeDB client. This course is focused around using TypeDB Studio, an IDE for managing and developing with TypeDB. To install TypeDB Studio, follow the instructions on the Studio installation page. A brief tutorial covering the Studio features necessary to complete this course is included in Lesson 2.2.

The queries featured in this course can be run from any TypeDB client, bit it is strongly recommended to use TypeDB Studio. If you are comfortable using TypeDB Console or the TypeDB drivers, please visit the Console installation page or Driver overview for installation instructions.

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