Officially out now: The TypeDB 3.0 Roadmap

Lesson 6.1: Driver setup


Ensure you have the latest stable version of Python installed, and run the following command to install the official TypeDB Python driver package:

pip install typedb-driver


The following classes must be imported in order to use the Python driver in any codebase.

from typedb.driver import TypeDB, SessionType, TransactionType
from typedb.api.connection.credential import TypeDBCredential

Additionally, we’ll be using the following classes for type hints in this lesson. They should be imported to run the examples and exercises featured.

from typing import Iterator
from typedb.api.connection.driver import TypeDBDriver
from typedb.api.connection.transaction import TypeDBTransaction
from typedb.api.user.user import User
from typedb.api.connection.database import Database

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